I have three-high (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar), can I consume these products?

Yes, you can. Our product is made of sugar substitutes, zero lipids and zero salt formulation which does not conflict with three-high.

Can I consume these products if I have high blood pressure?

Yes, you can. Our products help to improve your blood circulation. Moreover, zero salt formulation is suitable for high blood pressure patient.

Can I consume these products if I have thyroid?

Yes, you can. Thyroid swelling is caused by genes or lack of iodine. Our product is an acquired supplementary product that does not conflict with genes and iodine absorption.

Can I consume these products if I have a weak heart and am taking hemolysis medicine?

Yes, you can. Hemolysis medicine for weak heart does not conflict with our product. Our formulation does not consist of vitamin K, omega or other components that will disrupt hemolysis or coagulation.

Can I consume the product if I had minor stroke?

Yes, you can. Stroke is caused by blood clots or blood vessel blocking in the brain. Our products are zero lipids which will ensure your blood vessels flow smoothly.

Can I consume these products if I am lack of calcium?

Yes, you can. People are superstitious that acidic food will corrode calcium. The truth is our bones and digestive system are not connected, which is why the lemon formulation of Sqzze Me will not lead to calcium deficiency.

Can I consume these products after drinking alcohol?

Yes, you can. Sqzze Me contains liver-protective components which can accelerate alcohol metabolic function of the liver, thereby preventing hang-over. We suggest you to consume our product according to directions given.

Can I consume these products if I have excess gastric acid? Am taking medicines, have serious constipation and stomach pain.

Yes, but we recommend you to take our product after meals as it can soothe excess gastro acid issues.

Can I consume the product if I have G6PD deficiency (broad bean disease)?

Yes, you can. Our factory does not process broad beans and our products do not contain broad bean components.

Can I consume these products if I have Thalassemia?

Yes, you can. Our product does not have any conflict with Thalassemia.

Will these products cause fast heartbeat /myocardial infarction?

No. As our product helps to improve blood circulation, it does not cause arrhythmia. We suggest you to consume our product according to directions given.

Can I consume these products if I have skin allergy?

Yes, as long as you are not allergic to the product’s components. Our products contain liver detoxification function which helps reduce skin itching problem, this is because skin issue are signals of poor liver function. Kindly refer to the ingredient list for any allergens.

Are these products vegetarian?

Yes, they are both 100% vegetarian and does not contain any dairy, eggs, garlic, onion, buckwheat and chive.

Can I consume these products if I’m under ketogenic diet?

Yes, you can. The low-sugar formulation of our product is very consistent with ketogenic diet.

Can I consume these products if I’m taking Chinese medicine?

Yes, you can. But we advise you to separate your intakes after 4-5 hours. Our products are not medicine, so they will not conflict with medicinal properties.

Can I consume these products immediately after postpartum? Or do I consume after confinement?

We advise mothers to consume our products after confinement, when you have gotten well and restored your hormone level. This is more effective compare to consuming immediately after delivery.

Can I consume these products if I’m taking collagen?

Yes, but we advise you to take them separately between 4-5 hours (meals interval)

Can I consume Macha Cocoa if I’m allergic to coffee?

Coffee allergy happens according to the density of caffeine. If you are adaptable to caffeine of a normal cup of coffee, then you are safe to consume Macha Cocoa.

What is the suitable age to consume these products?

We recommend for those age 18 and above.

Can I consume these products during menstrual period?

Yes. There are no additives in our products that stimulates estrogen, they won’t affect your hormone level.

Can I consume these products during pregnant-preparation period?

Yes. Our products help in managing your weight and standard BMI index would increase your pregnancy rate.

Can PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) patient consume these products?

Yes, PCOS is commonly found in women who have excess level of hormones. Our products do not consist of any hormone components, which is why it is safe for PCOS patient to consume.

Can I consume these products if I have fibroid?

Yes, our products do not conflict with fibroids.

Can breastfeeding mothers consume these products?

We advise mothers to consume them after breastfeeding period ends.

Will these products caused deflate of breast size?

No, breast fat can only be burned through deep fasting. As our products promotes healthy diet, it does not affect your breast fat at all.

Can I consume these products after miscarriage/abortion?

Yes, but we advise you to consume it after 3 months or when your wound heals.

Can I consume these products if I have hormone imbalance? As normally slimming products would fail under this condition.

Hormone imbalance would affect various parts of our body, if you are only slimming without detoxification, the outcome will not be obvious.

Apart from removing toxins from intestine and liver, our products has unprecedentedly power-up the detoxification ability of the brain and circulatory systems (blood/lymph)

Will I get insomnia if I consume these products?

Our products use mild formulation. Follow the instructions (Macha Cocoa in the morning and Sqzze Me before bedtime), it won’t cause insomnia, or even feel the urge to go to washroom middle of the night.

Does Macha Cocoa belong to health care or slimming product?

Macha Cocoa is a health care product attached with slimming effect. We advocate to the concept of “healthy diet, slim down naturally”.

Will there be any rebound phenomenon after I stop consuming the product?

No, it will not. Our product does not recommend fasting, which is the main culprit of rebound in various slimming methods. When you fast, your body will enter a hunger state where it reduces metabolism and activates fat storage mode to help you survive through this famine. At the earlier stage when you return to normal diet, your body still thinks it is in hunger state and continues to store every food intake as fat, resulting in slimming rebound obesity.

While consuming Sqzze Me and Macha Cocoa, there is no need to be on diet, and thus it will not imply any rebound effect.

Should I put Sqzze Me in the fridge after it’s opened?

Yes. You may refrigerate after open, keep the cap close tight. As Sqzze Me is a sugar substitute formulation, bacteria cannot survive upon it. Thus, you do not need to worry about hygiene issue.

Can I take Sqzze Me with me when I am travelling? Will it go bad?

Yes, you may. Avoid from exposing the product in high temperature.